Affordable commercial kitchens made to simplify food delivery

Kitchens now available throughout Europe. 
Discover how you can start growing your business and gain new customers with a delivery-only kitchen.

/ Why Citychefs?

Want to grow your food business? Why rent just any commercial kitchen when you can license one with CloudKitchens® delivery-only kitchen!

Our delivery kitchens offer huge advantages over traditional brick and mortar. We allow you to quickly launch new affordable locations and grow or adapt your business at a fraction of the investment required of traditional brick and mortar. You’ll benefit from vastly lower your real estate and operational costs and get access to an entirely new segment of customers. Whether you are looking for a catering kitchen unit with special requirements, a central production unit to improve your culinary infrastructure or a kitchen unit designed to support your online food delivery business, we have the perfect kitchen for your needs. CityChefs has a range of locations offering state of the art private kitchens to support your business.

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Turnkey and ready-to-go

Get off the ground in weeks, not months. We handle all the time consuming logistics like permitting and installation so that you can walk into a ready-to-go dark kitchen without costly delivery delays or construction challenges.

Dramatically lower your expenditure

Avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront and move straight into a dark kitchen designed to support delivery customers - which means fewer staff, lower rents, and higher profit margins.

Loads of customers, less time

Get instant access to an entirely new pool of customers. We place our dark kitchens in, or next to, highly populated areas with large numbers of hungry eaters who frequently order food for delivery.

Scale at your own pace

No matter how fast or steady you want to grow your business, our dark kitchen solutions can accommodate. Forget about expensive relocation costs and take advantage of our network of facilities.

The restaurant industry is changing

The food delivery market is expected to grow from €40 Billion in 2017 to €70 Billion by 2022. Traditional restaurants that were designed for walk-ins and reservations face challenges juggling a growing delivery businees with high operating costs influencing their bottom line. CityChefs offers highly affordable smart kitchen spaces designed specifically for delivery-only restaurant locations, that allow you to fulfill your delivery orders in the most cost effective way possible.

/ Our Customers

Partners using our kitchens

CityChefs works with both large and small businesses. From single location restaurants looking to expand to a new location or gain more customers in their local area, to large national franchises interested in a cost effective, efficient way to reach the growing food delivery and on demand consumer with a scalable solution.

  1. National Chains

    Consolidated restaurants seeking to expand or increase their coverage for higher volume and increased flexibility.

  2. Central Kitchen Operator

    Restaurants seeking to focus their operation in a single kitchen to lower costs, improve the quality of food, and streamline their deliveries.

  3. Local Restaurants

    Restaurant operators with an established brand looking expand their reach into new areas and markets.

  4. Food Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs looking for a low risk and highly efficient way to develop their brand as they switch to delivery only.

/ Technology

Software that connects it all

Our software is made for restauranteurs, chefs, and culinary teams. Instantly connect into our technology stack to grow your business and manage orders in a single app. We provide valuable tools and insights to help manage your business, predict demand and increase the return on your menus.

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